Parenting Coordination & Special Master Services

Parenting Coordination 

  • Parenting Coordinators are appointed by the court to help parents who have a high degree of conflict manage communication; make decisions for their children; and interpret their parenting plan.  Parenting Coordinators should have a firm understanding of both the legal process and the emotional and psychological factors of co-parenting relationships and conflict within a family.
  • Parenting Coordinators use different tools to help support parents including education, coaching, and mediation with the goal of helping parents reduce their conflict by creating new patterns of behavior so that their children can thrive.
  • Parenting Coordinators are given limited authority to make decisions for parents when necessary but cannot make changes to the parenting plan itself.  Most parenting coordinators will use coaching and mediation as tools to try to resolve a disagreement before making a decision.  Decisions should always be made with “due process” (notice to the parties accompanied by an offer of a hearing process) and timely (by issuing a decision that can be reviewed by the court).
  • The process of parenting coordination is usually tailored for the particular family and should consider concerns, such as a history of domestic violence, so that all members of the family feel safe.

Parenting Coordination Appointment Order (St. Louis County): St. Louis County JudgmentOrder Appointment Order (2)

Parenting Coordination Contract: PC Contract for St. Louis County 2019

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Special Master/Receiver Services

Parents and parties to litigation frequently have difficulty working out the math related to a variety of money transactions including income, taxes due, or shared expenses and resulting amounts amounts due for expenses incurred for children or property and debt transactions.  Appointment of a Special Master is one way to resolve these differences in a cost effective and time efficient way.  Special Masters are appointed by the Court for special tasks like preparing an accounting and reconciliation of expenses or monies due between the parties.  Special Masters can gather information and receive input from both parties.  They then prepare a report, along with any related worksheets, which is submitted to the court and reviewed by the judge, along with any concerns or objections from the parties. This permits the judge to receive neutral information regarding the dispute which can assist the judge in organizing and processing the information and reaching a conclusion.

Simone A. Haberstock is a CPA, a former accountant, and trained neutral who has experience establishing accounting systems, reconciling accounts, reviewing financial data (both business and personal), analyzing tax returns and wage/income information, and summarizing  and reporting a variety of financial data.  She has provided special master services organizing, analyzing and providing reports  and summaries for the court in cases with disputed money issues.

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Special Master Appointment Order for Accounting

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