Separation and Divorce- A legal and emotional process

Separation or divorce from a partner is a legal and an emotional process.   Most clients want to understand the legal process but many also need support and coaching from the professionals that serve and support them throughout the process.   We believe the relationship between the attorney and client, given that the legal process of divorce is personal and affects virtually every aspect of life, is a special relationship.

We assist clients with all areas of family law practice including divorce (below), custody, modification, paternity, orders of protection (restraining orders), enforcement and collection, step-parent adoption, etc.  For a list of some of the actions taken in Family Court, see our page, Taking Action in Family Court

It is important that you also understand the choices available to move through the divorce  or separation process.  These include the following:

  • Kitchen Table – Many couples are able to negotiate the terms of their divorce and agree on issues concerning their children, support, and a division of their property and debts.  In this event, usually one spouse contacts a lawyer who prepares the necessary documents, reflecting the agreement,  to complete the divorce process. We can help you by  explaining the process, preparing the legal documents and providing the documents to your spouse for consideration and signature. 
  • Mediation – Some couples require the assistance of a neutral mediator to provide structure for their negotiation; to help them define their goals and generate options; and to help them develop the solutions that will form their agreement. This process usually occurs before either party has filed at court.  We offer mediation services to couples.  You can learn more about mediation by selecting the “Mediation” tab on our menu or using this link to Mediation
  • Litigation/Court – The traditional litigation process begins with the filing of a Petition and financial statements in a Circuit Court.  Sometimes, other documents are also required.  Once filed, the documents are served on the non-filing party.  Issues are often developed and negotiated through lawyers, and potentially through a series of settlement/pretrial conferences with a Judge.  Most cases are resolved by agreement; however, if your case requires a Judge’s decision (a trial), we are experienced in family law trial practice and will be able to help you present your case effectively in Court.

Because divorce effects you, your children, your home and your finances, we believe that the issues in a divorce or separation are often best resolved by exploring opportunities for you to participate in exploring solutions.  By helping you and your spouse improve communication and becoming focused on your interests and goals for the future, we make every effort to help you arrive at an agreement that meets your needs and that may be more satisfactory than a decision made by a third party.   We make every effort to help you consider options; weigh costs and benefits; and analyze possible outcomes.

When agreement is not possible, we are also experienced in presenting your case at court. We help you understand the litigation process; work with you to prepare for court testimony; and engage you in the process of preparing for trial so that you are satisfied with our efforts at trial. 


This web site is designed for general information only.  The information presented should not be construed as legal advice nor the formation of an attorney-client relationship.  The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.